Saturday, January 5, 2008

Linking Strategies for Website Traffic

Linking Strategies - It's a fact that inbound links contribute heavily to your site's ranking in the search engine and that some links are worth way more than others. Here are seven of the best linking strategies to pursue.

Technorati tags - Add a widget to your blog that automatically creates Technorati tags for your posts. That means that you automatically get high-quality links to every blog post you make. Plus, this link strategy gives you one-way links that are relevant, on-topic, and keyword rich.

Social bookmarking - Add a widget to your blog and your website pages that allows users to easily bookmark your content at any of the wildly popular social bookmarking sites. AddThis is a great free tool that accomplishes this linking strategy while using minimal site real estate.

Directory submissions - Use a low-cost overseas service to submit your site to 1,000 SEO friendly directories. Directory Maximizer will submit five variations of your site title and description for $0.14 per directory. That's money well spent because it leaves you free to focus on content creation while gaining 1,000 one-way links.

RSS feeds - Submit your blog to all the popular feed directories. Be sure to include easy to spot RSS feed buttons on your blog so you can quickly add subscribers. You can also create an RSS feed for your website that creates traffic to your newest pages. This linking strategy gets high-quality links with keyword anchor text.

Forum posts - Search for and signup in forums related to your niche. Post helpful answers to questions and topics of interest. Add a signature file to your profile in any forum where you post to create keyword rich anchor text links back to your site from each post.

Blog comments - Comment blogs on topics related to your site. Be sure to include a link back to your site. If the comment allows a link to the username field, then pick a username that is keyword rich.

Automated tools - There are several high-quality tools which will automate many of these linking strategies. Information about them is below.

Tip: Get links to interior pages of your site, not just the home page.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Internet and Marketing - A Complete Guide

Buy this Internet Marketing Guide and you are all set on your road to riches. It is very easy, just join my program and you will become successful. Lot of internet marketing gurus will like you to believe them.You will read lot of this hype on the internet. Actually most of these gurus are not telling you the whole truth. No doubt people have made lots of money on the internet. But what they don't tell you is the time they took to succeed. Every newbie has to follow a learning curve.

Do Not Believe All The Hype

Internet Marketing is not easy. If somebody tells you that s/he started making money the first month, simply disregard it. You will need to learn a lot of things before the pattern of success will become clear in front of your eyes. The most essential skills that you will need to learn overtime is building websites and driving targeted traffic. This does not mean that you should feel discouraged. What it means that success will come overtime.

Start With One Internet Marketing Guide

Do your research and select one guide that you feel confident can help you succeed. It should have a money back guarantee with it. So in case after a few weeks of serious work you realize that it is not what it claims to be, you can ask for a refund and start looking for a new internet marketing guide. This way you will not be loosing money. There are many really good persons on the internet who can help you if you are serious about earning money on the internet. You will have to discover them.

Choose A Program And A Strategy

Now choose a program that you want to promote and make money. It can be affiliate marketing. It can be Google adsense. One program that I can safely recommend is Clickbank where you can promote other people information products as an affiliate. This way you don't need to make your own product. However, there are many programs on the internet. Whatever program you join, you will need a strategy as to how to promote it. This is where most people fail, lose money and in the end simply give up. You cannot cut and paste other people success strategies. Most people only reveal those strategies that have lost value and are already known to many. No guru will ever reveal the latest strategies. You will have to find them or make your own.

One thing that you will need to learn is how to make a website. Your website should be aesthetically appealing. It is only on your website that you can sell products as an affiliate and earn commissions. It should give a professional look. People don't like to stay long on a website that gives an amateurish look, what to talk of buying from that website. Your website should be designed to attract people where they want to spend more time browsing and exploring. You can even start a blog.

But a website without visitors is like a store with no buyer. However, don't waste too much money on driving traffic. You can drive traffic through various methods. One of the most popular is pay per click (PPC). In the beginning, everyone would like to make you believe that google adwords is very easy and you only need to advertise your website on it to make money. The truth is, it is not easy. You will waste lot of your money without selling anything. So first go for free advertising methods. There are many ways that you can promote your website through free advertising. It will not make you rich but it will give you the confidence that you can succeed on internet.

With time, you will learn what is search engine optimization and how you can use the power of Web 2.0 and blogging to get thousands of visitor to your website that are ready to buy from you. Follow a step by step strategy. Beginning will be tough but never give up. You will succeed. Once you become successful with one program, you will have the confidence and the skills to succeed at other programs.